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We value our patients' experience at Family Chiropractic Group / San Ramon Spine and Sports Rehab. If you are currently a chiropractic patient, please feel free to complete the following Client Experience Questionnaire. The Questionnaire is in Adobe Acrobat format, and requires the free Acrobat Reader to view.

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Dr. Sarb Dhesi
Your San Ramon Chiropractor

Multiple issues plus pain in low back, burning down leg and foot, elbow, heel, hand

"When I came to see Dr. Dhesi I was in a scary and serious situation with numbing, tingling,and burning down my left leg and foot, and I had suffered with sciatica pain for years, often losing sleep. Dr. Dhesi reassured me that he could help relieve my symptoms and began a course of treatment. Over the weeks, I discovered through an MRI that I had a partially herniated disk which explained my symptoms. However as a result of Dr. Dhesi's treatments, the numbing and tingling are now gone and my sciatica pain had severely diminished. He's my miracle worker!

Recently, I suffered from repetitive stress in my right hand and arm from working at a work station that was not ergonomically correct. Here too, Dr. Dhesi confidently told me that he could help eliminate the tendonitis in my right arm. He also informed my that he could help with the plantar fasciitis pain I was feeling in my left heel. I couldn't believe that I had found someone that could actually address and heal my problem areas! Needless to say, I was amazed and relieved that someone could actually help me. Dr. Dhesi is that person! He's a knowledgeable, experienced, effective and amazing chiropractor. He gives me hope and I would recommend him in a heartbeat."

- Liz, Patient of Dr. Dhesi

Dr. Dhesi is honest.... no unnecessary visits...I recommend him to my friends

"Dr. Dhesi has been my chiropractor for about 5 years now. I injured my lower back at a young age, and it was getting worse. When I first visited, he told me up front how many visits it would take to get me in better shape, and if that didn't help, I would need to seek some other form of therapy for my back. After 6 visits, my back felt great. He also recommends exercises to help strengthen your back. I now only see Dr. Dhesi, if I feel that my back had gone out of alignment, or I hurt myself over exerting myself. He is always professional and courteaus. I recommend him to my friends as well.

Some experience with other Chyriopractors tell me to see them 2 to 3 times a week. Dr. Dhesi is honest and will not lock you into serveral unnecessary visits."

- Jonathan, Patient of Dr. Dhesi


"I have a number of people to Dr. Dhesi and have heard great feedback from them also."

- Patient of Dr. Dhesi

Very Helpful

"...very helpful to my more numbness....almost 100% healed. Highly recommend to other patients who would not want to undergo surgery."

- Christina, Patient of Dr. Dhesi

No More Migraines

"Since coming to Family Chiropractic, I have felt signs of improvement...No more Migraines! Hurrah!"

- J. Young, Patient of Dr. Dhesi

Improved Movement

"As a result of the MUA. I have increased range of movement of my right arm. It stretched muscle I could not, and decreased muscle spasms and headaches."

- Patient, Manipulation Under Anesthesia of Dr. Dhesi


“Thank you for decreasing–if not eliminating–my migraines. I feel so much better now, and without any pain medication. You’re awesome!”

- April, Patient, Family Chiropractic

Hightest Level of Relief

“Dr. Dhesi is my 3rd chiropractor over the years and provides the hightest level of relief I hae experienced to date. I would recommend him to anyone, anytime.”

- Susan, Patient, Family Chiropractic

Free of Pain

“Dr. Dhesi is a gifted chiropractor with an intuitive touch and intelligent expertise. I trust him to adjust me and my family. It’s a great feeling to be free of pain.”

- Lillian, Patient, Family Chiropractic

Comforting and Satisfying

“My experience has been comforting and satisfying. I recommend this facilty to anyone with medical needs.”

- Cecil, Patient of Dr. Sarb Dhesi

Longtime Friends

“The staff are just like longtime friends. I recommend them to all of my friends and co-workers.”

- Ed, Patient of Dr. Dhesi

Less Pain

This was an extremely big step in my recovery. It is a procedure that should be done in every chiropractic business. It has given me the opportunity to strive for more activities and with less pain and a great deal of movement. I would recomment it for everyone. It’s worth every bit of the process. It is successful!

- Patient, M.U.A.

Major Difference

“The first day I could feel some improvement, but the second day is when I could feel a major difference…and the third day I remember saying to my wife when I woke up, ‘I can’t believe I’m actually getting out of bed without an ache’…and from there on out it’s just gotten better.”

- Patient, M.U.A.

Changed My Life

insert textI believe this procedure has really changed my life. Before the MUA, I could not move my neck side to side without pain or stiffness. I could not look behind me without turning my whole body. Now my neck is free of pain, my shoulders also have improved. I used to have headaches quite often and now everything is gone. I’d recommend this prodedure. There was minimal pain after and I recovered quite quickly. Thanks so much for the improvement of my life.

- Patient, M.U.A.

Much Better Life

“I can live a much better life free of pain and I’m not constantly taking pain pills.”

- Patient, M.U.A.

Burning Pain

“I constantly had a burning pain, it just never would go away, even with treatment…and after MUA it was gone!”

- Patient, M.U.A.

I feel great!

“So I tried the M.U.A. and today I can’t believe it…it’s like I’m getting ready to go in the service again…I feel great!”

- Patient, M.U.A.

Dull Burning Feeling

“I always had this dull burning feeling, then a car accident made it even worse where I couldn’t even lie down…”

- Patient, M.U.A