Kinesio taping - Fascial & Movement Taping

Kinesio Taping / Rocktape for Support, Function and Fascial Movement Taping

As seen in the 2008 Summer Olympics and on multiple competitors of the US and others at the Tour de France, this technique is best known for its work with athletes. Though it has been around for over 2 decades, this non medicinal taping method has been shown to increase circulation, provide some stability, provide neurological stimulation.....This is a specialty taping technique to helps rehab and support injured, painful, or weak structures. It facilitates circulation, supports and normal motion. We have used many tapes in our practice, currently the leader is Rocktape, and the only tape we recommend.

Effects of taping:

  1. Increased Blood flow, and therefore circulation- effects are any including better edema reduction, fresher muscles with decreased fatigue

  2. Support form and posture

  3. Used by athletes at the Olympic and weekend levels. Used in crossfit, triathlons, runners, cycling etc.

  4. Used by Dr. Dhesi on his patients for various conditions. We tape not only conditions for helping in supporting injuries, helping repair tissues or increasing function by providing movement taping.