Deep Tissue Laser Therapy

Deep Tissue Laser Therapy

What is the secret that top professional teams throughout the country are using to get their players healthier faster?

For tissues healing you want...

> Increase circulation, thus decrease edema, swelling

> Decrease pain

> Increase tissue healing / regeneration

This is not your everyday cold laser...

You will feel this laser working on your tissue..

As a leader in laser therapy in Northern California, Dr. Dhesi, in combination with other specialty treatments, Dr Dhesi has developed treatment courses using deep tissue laser therapy. Many offices state they use laser therapy in treatment, but not all lasers are the same.

Its in the company we keep... The laser used by Dr. Dhesi is used in more professional sports programs and teams than all other lasers combined. The laser is a deep tissue laser. You will feel our laser penetrating and working on and with the tissue, not like most low power lasers where you see a red light and feel nothing.

Dr. Dhesi is also the co-founder of Lite Recovery, a multi-disciplinary laser therapy company specializing in various pain and soft tissue treatments. He takes the same training and expertise in treating his patients with various conditions. From helping decrease pain and inflammation to speeding up tissue healing and regeneration, laser therapy is ideal options for recovering faster.

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