Manipulation Under Anesthesia - MUA with Fibrous Release Procedures

Have chronic low back and neck pain?

Spinal pain that has hit a plateau with conservative care?

Trying to avoid surgery?

Have scar tissue or muscle adhesions?

Loss motion after spinal surgery?

Frozen shoulder, elbow, hip, knee?

Dr. Dhesi can help quickly...

This is done primarily for chronic spinal pain due to disk disease, scar tissue development and muscular and joint adhesions. This can be done post surgical and pre surgical also. This procedure is also used for frozen shoulder, hip, knee, elbows, also. It has been around since the 1930’s done primarily by orthopedists and osteopaths, in the mid-1980’s, specialty trained chiropractors starting utilizing their knowledge of spinal and joint biomechanics to help patients with these various conditions. This procedure is done primarily for patients who have failed or have hit a plateau with conservative care. Dr. Dhesi was one of the first chiropractors in Northern California to get trained and do this procedure. He currently performs this procedure for selected patients at local centers. More information can be found at

Why Dr. Dhesi?....How about Dr. Dhesi was one of the first chiropractors in Northern California to get trained, proctored and certified to perform this procedure back in 1999..Since then Dr. Dhesi not only has been credential with 5 different credentialing organizations in Manipulation Under Anesthesia, more than any other doctor in the United States, he has lectured, taught and proctored multiple physician over the years. He as been a post graduate proctor for new doctors learning the procedure. Dr. Dhesi is one of less than 6 doctors in the United States to have a Diplomate with the American Board of Chiropractic Specialties and receive a Fellow, with the Royal College of Chiropractic Medicine a division of the Royal College of Physicians - U.S. Dr. Dhesi has help write guidelines and participated in research panels on Manipulation Under Anesthesia. Dr. Dhesi was one of only a handful of chiropractor to have hospital and surgical center privileges in California.

Given the above information, this is why other doctors refer their patients for consults with Dr. Dhesi.

Referring doctors will also be invited to observe the procedure and maneuvers so they can follow up with patients back in their own offices for post care rehabilitation. Dr. Dhesi also attracts patient out of the local area for treatment and care with MUA. Out of state or country patient can coordinate hotel, transportation and procedures with Dr. Dhesi. The procedures can be secured to cover the patients with or without insurance depending on the plan or cash pay.