How to Get Care

There are many ways you can get care with Dr. Dhesi and San Ramon Spine and Sports Rehab. 

Main Clinic / Headquarters - San Ramon

Located in the Premier Medical Plaza off of Market Place at 1081 Market Place, Suite 100, San Ramon, CA 94583. You can call us at 925-275-9350 or email us from this site. This beautiful building houses a multi-specialty of different disciplined physicians, there is plenty of great parking. We have been at this location since 2007 and in San Ramon since 1998. 

Consulting Office:

Multiple office in the Bay Area for consulting. These consulting office are for patients considering procedures including Manipulation Under Anesthesia with Fibrous Release Procedures or Extra Corporeal Shockwave Therapy. These office are also used for Medical - Legal Forensic evaluations. We have many locations including: San Francisco, Fremont, Sacramento, Stockton. Other locations maybe available, please call our office to discuss your case and desired location.

House Calls:

Dr. Dhesi offers house calls through out Northern California. From the East Bay to the South Bay to the Pennisula and SF and North Bay, Dr. Dhesi can be available to your location. With all his main clinic treatments as his disposal your House call, office call, training facility will get the full care Dr. Dhesi can offer. House calls can be by need or by appointment. You can get the care you need, when your schedule is ideal. This a great choice for busy people and or people who rather have the physician come to them then go to a office. To get a house call or to discuss options for care call 925-275-9350 and then press the prompt to access the physician directly.

Corporate Care:

Corporate benefits can take many forms, but having good health is a benefit for the employer and employee. Dr. Dhesi and San Ramon Spine and Sports Rehab and Family Chiropractic Group can provide on-site corporate chiropractic care and soft tissue management on a regular basis allowing your employees to remain healthy and proactive with their health. It allows quick care on-site. Customized schedules and coverage can be discussed as to your need require. 

Concierge Care:

Customized boutique care for individuals and families. There is only a limited number of opening per year. Please contact Dr. Dhesi directly to inquire. This care includes direct physician access during on and off hours and weekends. Other benefits include "Non Filtered Care" - this means you get the care you need when you need it without the influence of third party payers or insurance companies. You get direct access to Dr. Dhesi's network of other physicians, as medically necessary, along with imaging and testing coordinated by Dr Dhesi. You will have your own health advocate and physician liaison. Contact Dr. Dhesi directly via this site or phone: 925-275-9350, if you call during after hours press the prompt to page or contact the physician.

Travel Care:

In certain situations a person may need care during their travels to provide them support and treatment. This allows for a more comfortable and secure form of travel without the worry of being out of touch from your physician. Whether your need is just during the travel to your destination or during part of or your entire travel time, care can be there for you when you need it. To discuss your needs, please call Dr. Dhesi directly. Contact the office and Dr. Dhesi directly to discuss your travel care needs.