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Dr. Dhesi and his clinic's commitment to your care:

  1. We set up a treatment plan to help you get the best results as quick as possible.

  2. We use multi-faceted care. We use state of the art techniques and procedures to achieve desired results. Our patients use the same advanced pain management and tissue healing techniques that are available to professional athletes. 

  3. If we don’t see progressive results in 4 visits or less, we reevaluate care and re-analyze the condition. We may order imaging studies or contact additional doctors for a consultation or treatment. We want you to recover quickly. do not repeat the same ineffective treatment and hope for the same result. If we aren’t the best choice for your care, we will ensure you are connected with healthcare practitioners that will get you positive results.

General Spinal Issues - Back Pain, Neck Pain, Spinal Pain, Headaches.

Spinal issues are at the heart of the treatment and rehabilitation experience at San Ramon Spine and Sports Rehab and Family Chiropractic Group. Dr. Dhesi and the staff have one goal: to get results and help you achieve your goals.

Our customized treatment enables your body to recover and heal quickly and effectively. We listen to our patients and get a complete history and understanding of the injury. We also take note of what you’ve tried in the past to no results. This includes acquiring a full understanding of all formal, informal, and self-care treatments you’ve taken.

Spinal issues come in various forms, from simple neck and back pain to spinal disc and arthritic joint issues. This can include muscle fibrosis and adhesions which may be complicated by spasms and trigger points.

Dr. Dhesi will be gentle yet focused aggressive when working with your body as it undergoes different phases of healing. We will take the necessary steps to work with your body as it progressively heals.

Chiropractic care is not the only treatment available, but it achieves fast, effective results. Chiropractic care, combined with soft tissue work, exercise, stretches and other sports rehabilitation processes will help you recover and provide long term support. These methods will enable the tissues around the injury area to function better and be stronger. It also provides tools to help you long term going forward to prevent re-occurrences.

The care sequence includes the following:

  1. Pain reduction - Edema/Swelling reduction

  2. Initiating joint movements through the use of using instruments and manual movements

  3. At home stretches and exercise to support movement and muscle tone.

  4. Increasing movement in the clinic to restore functions to the body parts. restore function of the body part.

  5. At home rehabilitation to be performed to strengthen the area for the long term.

Sports and Physical Medicine

Utilizing the latest approaches to joint and soft tissue healing, San Ramon Spine and Sports Rehab is your best choice for concise conservative care that quickly erases pain and restores function and stability so you can resume your activities with little to no down time.

From the latest soft tissue techniques like instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization, muscle release therapy, trigger point work , and kinesiology taping, Dr. Dhesi and his team can help you get back in action quickly and safely. We use the latest, state of the art modalities including high powered deep tissue laser therapy and acuscope.

Dr. Dhesi has developed specialized treatments for many conditions.

Tennis elbow / Lateral epicondylitis

Golfer elbow / Medial epicondylitis

Wrist tendon injuries

Shoulder tendon / muscle injuries

Plantar Fasciitis

Shin Splints

Trigger points

Hamstring / Calf / Quad pulls

Other sprain / strain injuries

Chronic disc and joint pain

Many of the treatments performed at San Ramon Spine and Sports Rehab address chronic pain, spinal, joint and tissue injuries.

For years, Dr Dhesi has utilized treatment options that address these chronic issues. With a diploma in pain management and fellowship in forensics, Dr. Dhesi has the experience in finding and using various techniques to help patients with chronic issues. Options include: Deep Tissue Laser, Instrument soft tissue mobilizition, Acuscope, Extra Corporeal Shockwave Therapy, and Manipulation under anesthesia.

Elbow / Wrist Pain

Dr. Dhesi has been on the forefront of treatments for elbow and wrist pain. From tennis elbow (lateral epicondylitis) to golfers elbow (medial epicondylitis), the treatments are cutting edge and highly effective. The same treatments that Dr. Dhesi used with professional and amateur tennis and golf players are available to you in his clinic. Dr. Dhesi will employ a sequence of care during the treatments that will include muscle release techniques, instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization, deep tissue laser therapy, kinesiology taping, and joint mobilization. This will progress to using specialized braces during medium tohigh intensity activities. Progressive care will include exercises for stability and long term endurance.

If in-office care does not bring about significant change in a reasonable amount of time, follow up treatment may be employed. This could include extra corporeal shockwave therapy. From all the cases seen by Dr. Dhesi, only about 5-10% of his patients ever qualify for this treatment, but the results after one treatment usually result in 70% improvement Plus, there is no down time after treatment.

Though we have been talking about care for the athletes, these same treatment options will be employed to patients who have started to feel elbow pain from working on the laptop/desktop during work or from some other repetitive type of injury.

Trigger Points

Dr. Dhesi has extensively studied trigger points since the early 1990s. He has reviewed and trained in multiple techniques to address acute and chronic trigger points using various physical medicine methods. Dr. Dhesi may use his hands to treat the trigger points or employ a combination of physical medicine and pain management devices like the Acuscope, Deep Tissue Laser, or Vibracussor. Treatment can be effective and help reduce trigger points substantially prior to leaving from your first visit, taking only seconds per trigger point.

Plantar Fasciitis / Heal Pain

In office care includes comprehensive care in all our approaches. Our techniques include soft tissue mobilization with and without instruments and deep tissue laser. The Vibracussor may also be used to introduce controlled movement in the tissue. The Arthostim device can be used along with the manual mobilization technique to address foot and ankle movement. The knee and the low back will be checked for joint dysfunctions that can affect biomechanics. The calf muscles will be examined for tightness or trigger points which tighten tendons connected to the foot. We will provide exercises and stretches that include using a foam roller for the legs and other stretches for the foot, calf and ankle. We will also utilize kinesiology taping for the foot to support it in between visits.

If these procedures prove to be limited in their effectiveness or don't get us to he desired outcome, we will introduce a treatment with an Extra Corporeal Shockwave Therapy device. This will usually result in a substantial change in the tissue. Afterwards, you will undergo rehabilitation with a physical therapist or in office.

Whiplash and related injuries

Injuries sustained in auto crashes, including whiplash and their related disorders, require specialized care by trained physicians. Whiplash injuries after a motor vehicle crash cause tissue damage. The physician needs to understand the mechanisms of injury and the subtle signs and symptoms, and then test and evaluate the injured patient to address all their issues. Not addressing all these issues can result in future joint and muscle dysfunction.

Dr. Dhesi has been treating patients injured in auto crashes since 1996. He has training in whiplash and soft tissue trauma. He has taken numerous post graduate courses and continues to do so regularly for accident trauma and treatment. He has participated and collected data in live human crash testing. He has evaluated auto crashes and recreated scenes to understand how an accident occurred and the forces involved. He has performed injury and occupant biomechanics to understand trauma effects.

Dr. Dhesi has training from various sources in and outside of his licensed field. He is retained as an expert in cases involving these type of auto crash traumas. He has been admitted in court as a qualified expert in:

  • Whiplash Trauma

  • Spinal Injury and Trauma Biomechanics

  • Occupant Kinematics

  • Auto Crash Reconstruction

  • Forensic Human Risk Factor Analysis

Dr. Dhesi has a competent network of multi-disciplinary physicians who provide well rounded care for patients suffering from these whiplash and related injuries in and around San Ramon, California.

TMJ / Temporomandibular Joint / Jaw Pain

Jaw pain can be caused by many different issues. Most medical and dental professionals will treat this condition with medication, cold/hot compress, mouth splints, and physical therapy. If you have tried all these methods with no results, you owe it to yourself to try specialized TMJ treatment with Dr. Dhesi.

Dr. Dhesi has achieved good success in treating and controlling TMJ pain by using conservative treatment measures on a wide range of jaw and TMJ pain cases. Dr. Dhesi addresses the motion of the TMJ joint and the muscle activity of the jaw muscles and the upper cervical spine. These can cause chronic of the jaw pain.

This is the best part.With Dr. Dhesi's treatmentyou can see results between 6 visits or less than four weeks of care—and sometimes faster!

Frozen shoulder, adhesive capsulitis, hip, knee, elbow

San Ramon Spine and Sports Rehab uses various techniques to get the desired results and has achieve great success. Dr. Dhesi uses a combination of treatments to include: soft tissue work using the vibracussor along with the Arthrostim, deep tissue laser therapy, joint mobilization, stretching and exercise. If things are more complicated or you aren’t experiencing results, , manipulation under anesthesia can be used. In office rehabilitation will be used after manipulation under anesthesia to strengthen and stabilize.

Chronic Calcific Tendonitis

In office care includes soft tissue mobilization with and without instruments and deep tissue laser. Vibracussor may also be used to introduce controlled movement in the tissue. If these procedures prove to be limited in their effectiveness or don't get us to the desired outcome, then the other option will be to introduce a treatment with Extra Corporeal Shockwave Therapy device. This usually results in a substantial change in the tissue which can be rehabbed in the office with us or with a physical therapist.

Various other Conditions

Based on the information above and using similar principles, Dr. Dhesi can evaluate and customize a care and treatment pla